Plan costs vary based on what type of care you need. If you are a business owner searching for plans for your employees, you will need to keep in mind how many employees you have and what you can afford as a business owner. Some business owners may find that taking a penalty at the end of the year is more advantageous than it is to offer health insurance to their employees. Other employers will find that the plans offered to them are exactly what they are looking for in regard to both themselves and their family, as well as their employee.


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Individuals and Families will be allowed to have multiple factors come into play when they are applying for health insurance through Prices vary based on income, how much health coverage your employer offers you and more. In addition, you can save money with family plans, versus applying for each person in your family individually. Be sure to read up on your options and to decide whether a bronze, silver, gold or platinum plan is best for you and/or your family.


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Overall, whether you are an individual, family, or business owner, there will be varying prices based on your individual situation. You can cater plans that cost a lot more each month, but greatly offset the cost of health care throughout the year when you need to visit a hospital or doctor’s office. Or, you can opt for a less expensive plan that does have increased out-of-pocket costs throughout the year. Whatever you decide, be sure to submit an application and check on your options via

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